Tightness Tests for Hatch Covers

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tests


The tightness of hatch cover is ruled by Load Line Convention Regulation 16. Hatch covers will be tightness in any sea condition according this regulation. In this reason, the tightness test is required at the initial surveys, recommended at periodical and annual surveys. (LLC 1969)

The tightness of hatch covers can be tested using various methods such us light test, chalk test, hose test, ultrasonic tests. Hose tests and ultrasonic tests are common methods during periodic and annual surveys. However, ISMarine recommends ultrasonic tightness test during periodic or annual tests as it gives pinpoint accuracy regardless loaded/emptied cargo holds, allows obtaining quick and professional report with pass/fail criteria. In addition to advantages of ultrasonic tests that vessel/operator will not have to take pollution risk with using water on deck, also, the weather condition and day/night time tests will not stop test operation which will save from time for shipping company and vessel her self.


ISMarine can perform hose tests and ultrasonic tests depending on demands for your pre-assessment, initial, periodic and annual surveys.

Tightness Hatch Covers & Loaded Cargo  Holds
Tightness Hatch Covers & Loaded Cargo Holds